We Are Data Storytellers

Ask Y goes beyond the what to answer the whys by combining web analytics with market research. We engage our clients to think about their business questions so that we uncover those data stories that are relevant to their business goals. Our approach aims to be innovative and educational. We educate on the process of analytics, empowering our clients to become inquisitive and data-driven in their marketing, sales and operational efforts.

About The Founder

Rhonda created Ask Y Digital Analytics, LLC, an Atlanta-based web analytics consulting firm, to place a unique focus on data storytelling utilizing the processes of market research, analytics reporting and analysis to answer the why questions rather than just reporting out the what. Rhonda’s personal resume includes performing various strategic and tactical web analytics functions for enterprise websites including: CNN.com, UPS.com, HomeDepot.com, Turner Sports – NCAA.com & NBA.com, VerizonWireless.com.
“I use data associated with my client’s online presence to tell the story of digital’s impact to business goals, while encouraging them to ask why, analyze and push for greater results.”


Founder, Rhonda Y Jones