How We Do It

Analysis Tool

Use our interactive dashboards & reports designed to empower you to data-mine for quick answers. Or, utilize our Ask Y Analytics Recipes, directions that help you perform your own analyses.

Analysis Projects

Collaborative engagements where we analyze your web analytics data and combine our findings with market research to creatively transform challenging business questions into actionable data stories.

Market Research

We research your target audience, competitors, and industry to advise you on: how you currently stack-up, relay what your audience really wants, and provide direction on how best to compete

Training Workshop

We design workshops that help you over-come specific challenges that are hindering understanding or success.

Ask Y - How To

We create Action Plans with How To’s that are designed to get you over humps & on your way.

$500 Kickstart

Contact us to learn more about our $500 quick start package designed for you.