Service Descriptions

What we do…It all starts with asking a question. Preferably Ask Y.

We do not execute marketing campaigns or build websites. Our passion lies within asking questions of data and finding the stories that all of those “clicks” tell. Each story has a “why”. Through measurement, research, analysis & creativity, we seek to find out why. We educate & steer our clients through the next course of actions for a process to success.

Is your marketing team bogged down in data questions?

Your marketing team may be struggling to answer your questions or their own questions due to lack of time or experience with marketing data analysis principles.
Your questions may be:
● Why is click-through rate declining?
● Is Social Media marketing working?
● What marketing opportunities can we take advantage of?

Ask Y will become your analytics team, consume the questions you and your marketers have and execute the appropriate analysis projects to answer your questions. We create a process for ongoing measurement, analysis and action. We educate your team to ensure you are fully empowered to feel confident in your marketing decisions and continue successfully moving forward.

As a DIY Marketer, do you know where to spend your marketing time and dollars?

You own the company & perform most, if not all of the marketing activities. You created your own website, social media pages, email campaigns and advertising, but you need guidance to find out which of your tactics are working and to define the next course of DIY marketing actions.
Your questions may be:
● Why am I not getting enough traffic to my website?
● Which of my marketing tactics are working?
● How do I get more online leads or sales?

Ask Y will to dig into your marketing data and analyze what is working, what is not working and why to provide you with your next course of DIY actions. We will also perform market and competitor research aligned with your business plan to provide strategies for marketing to your target market and against your competition.

Does it feel as if you’re business has hit a plateau?

Your business was growing and you’ve now plateaued or you’re just not growing as fast as you predicted. You may have a marketing team or you may run the show, but either way you need an investigator to find out what impedes growth and provide recommendations to course-correct.
You may have questions such as:
● Why are we not meeting sales goals?
● Is there something taking customers away?
● What opportunities are we missing?

Ask Y will work with you to gather the right questions. We will then decide together on the best analysis projects to answer those questions with a focus on why. We will provide you with an action plan and stay with you through every phase of the process with ongoing measurement as insights are gained. Our goal will be to break through and help your business move forward through data driven decisions.

Do you want to know how to best utilize Google Analytics?

You may have recently installed Google Analytics on your website or maybe you’ve been using it for a while. You feel there is a more strategic way to utilize Google Analytics for your business.
You may have questions such as:
● Which reports do I look at?
● What story is this data telling me?
● What insights am I looking for?

Ask Y will assess your business needs to develop an actionable measurement plan, and will work with you to define your data story needs. We will train you on how to read these data stories and implement an analysis process for continuous improvement.
You will know what reports to look at to understand the stories in your web analytics data that give you powerful insights about your business activities.