The Ask Y Story to Web Analytics

Ask Y Digital Analytics was created out of a passion for understanding the behavior and preferences of online customers. Yet we turn those insights into data stories with action plans that decision makers can use. Powerful click-through data is produced when users interact online. Where there is data there are often reports. Our desire is to take companies past the basic reports and into strategic processes of web analytics and data stories. The start of this analysis is asking good questions, most importantly (we feel) is Why?

So What Do We Do?

Simply put…we bring your marketing data to life through: Education - Research – Reporting – Analysis – Data Stories – Action Plans

  1. Value of Data - We educate our clients on the value of data, then how to use it and help them ask the right questions of their data.
  2. Competitive Perspective - We gather research on our client’s competition, target market and industry to inform, benchmark and add context to client’s operations.
  3. Custom Reporting - We create strategic custom reports that answer the initial question of What is happening. Consequently, our report designs allow for data exploration that aid in crafting more detailed questions for analysis.
  4. Cross Reference - We combine relevant data from various sources. Then we analyze and uncover the data stories that empower our clients to respond better to market demands. (Sources may be: Google Analytics, Social Media, Customer Surveys, Sales Data, Industry Research…the list goes on.)
  5. Drive Results - We engage our clients in a learning process where we monitor Action Plan results together and keep Asking Y.

How Do We Do This?

It all starts with crafting a Measurement Plan.  The Measurement Plan provides guidance regarding: what and how to measure, what to report on, and what to analyze based on business objectives. It is a living document to be updated as strategies, tactics or objectives are changed, and new information is learned.

Reporting and Analysis is a process in which there is continuous learning and improving. Our analysts create a processes with our clients and educate them throughout the project so they understand how to use the reporting and analysis process to their full advantage.

We work with our clients to understand their business objectives in order to create the right questions that lead to gathering the right data needed for reporting, analysis and data storytelling.

Various market research tools and industry news briefs in addition to reviewing our client’s click data are leveraged in order to learn about their market environment.

Analysis-to-Action plan/process is developed to go beyond the numbers to address the root causes that impact business objectives. Therefore we stay with our clients through the process educating them along the way to become proficient on their own.

What Makes Ask Y Unique?

Clients remain in control of their marketing

We are not a marketing agency nor do we design or build websites. Instead we work with your marketing or web design team. As a result we use data to answer those marketing questions that they don’t have bandwidth to address.

We are data story tellers

Ask Y goes beyond the what to answer the whys. We engage our clients to think about their business questions so that we uncover those data stories that are relevant to their business goals.

Our approach aims to be innovative and educational

Next, we educate on the process of analytics to empower our clients to become inquisitive and data driven in their sales and marketing efforts.  We want our clients to be successful in continuing a reporting and analysis process on their own.

Consider external market factors

Additionally, we research our client’s target market, competitors and industry trends to know not only how the business is performing, but also how it stands in the market.

Your think partner

Furthermore, we partner with our clients by listening to their business goals, challenges and questions as they face the unknown to creatively design action plans based on data analysis.

Easy pricing

Finally, we consider our clients budget and provide simple packaged services where ongoing monthly consulting fees are optional. Special projects can be scoped to fit client’s needs.

About the Founder

Rhonda Y. Jones graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Management intending to go into the field of finance. Later however she found out that she had a passion for Marketing - specifically, Marketing Analytics. She became a Marketing Analyst studying data from traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and sales call touch strategies. From there Rhonda transitioned into the field of Web Analytics as the industry began to shift towards online marketing. She is an active member of the prestigious Digital Analytics Association.

With over 15 years of experience, Rhonda is a hands-on Web Analytics Consultant to businesses that utilize their websites, social media & online advertising to support their business goals. As a result she created Ask Y Digital Analytics, LLC, an Atlanta-based web analytics consulting firm, to place a unique focus on data story telling utilizing the process of reporting and analysis, to answer the “why” questions rather than just reporting out the what. Rhonda has a drive to educate her clients on the importance of utilizing online data relevant to their businesses. Most noteworthy Rhonda has performed various strategic and tactical web analytics functions for enterprise websites including;,,,, Turner Sports ( &

“I use data associated with my client’s online presence to tell the story of digital’s impact to business goals, while encouraging them to Ask Y, analyze and push for greater results.”